How to Flu-Proof Your Home

Usually it starts with sneezing and coughing. Suddenly, you have every other member of the family falling sick. You may blame it on the change of weather, but there is a lot that can be done at your home to prevent a flu outbreak.


Here are 5 ways to flue-proof your home and stay healthy:

#1. Know where germs thrive

Doorknobs, computer keyboards, remote control, kitchen counter top, are all prime areas where germs thrive. Anything that has been touched by a sick person is likely to be places where bacteria and virus could be camping. Knowing the potential areas of germ infection and disinfecting those areas can prevent the flu from spreading.

#2. Clean the air filters

Regular cleaning of air conditioner filters is pivotal in maintaining a healthy environment at home. Sometimes our naked eyes cannot see the unseen air pollutants which could be aggravating someone suffering from flu. Sometimes air filters can be cleaned manually or electronic air cleaners such as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can also  be used to remove pollutants.

#3. Quarantine the sick person

The best way to stop the flu from spreading is to contain the germs in one specific area of the house. Allocate separate towels, tissues boxes, plates, glasses, thermometer, and facial masks to the sick member of the family. Don’t let any other member of the family enter that room except the caregiver.

#4. Serve healthy food 

Since an attack of flu tends to weaken the immune system, serving immune boosting food to members of your family who have flu could benefit the sick person. A serving of fish, green leafy vegetables, oats, carrots, citrus fruits and even dark chocolate seem to help combat flu. Drinking lots of fluids in the form of hot tea could also speed up the recovery process.

#5. Wash your hands regularly

As simple and easy as it may sound, washing hands regularly can also be a substantial effort in flu prevention. Hand hygiene should be encouraged at home. When people enter a home, they are inevitably bringing in germs that may have contacted from germ infested areas and surfaces. Cultivate a habit of hand washing in the family and make it a part of family ritual to maintain hygiene everyday.

By following these easy 5 steps, you can make sure your home is flue-proof.


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