Post-Move Cleaning (Bond Recovery) ***Suspended until further notice***

Sorry this service is not currently available.

If you are renting maybe consider asking your real estate company who they use / recommend. Otherwise you might try cleaning companies that do bond recovery guarantees etc.


Don’t waste a weekend cleaning up your old place!

We requested that the house we were vacating be cleaned, as it was a rental property. The carpets were better than when we moved in, everything was spotless; tiles, walls, cupboards, cook tops and oven. So good that we actually had comments from the property manager! A great team and a first class job! – Caroline A., Melbourne.

Your old house or flat may have been lived in for quite some time – so there is bound to be a bit of dirt in the corners, dust on the blinds, and carpets that need cleaning. You can blow a whole weekend doing it yourself, or you can have professional cleaners do the job much faster and more efficiently to ensure a smooth transition into your new life.

Professional cleaning that leaves no doubt about cleanliness.

Whether you’re trying to get your rental bond back, or you’re hoping to sell your house, post-move cleaning is a critical part of your house moving process. Don’t waste a weekend up to your elbows in old grime, simply leave it to us to clean the old place – from scrubbing the inside of the cupboards, cleaning blinds, to steam cleaning carpets  – it’s a completely hassle-free solution – and more affordable than you’d think!

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