Packing Products

Durable materials to keep your belongings safe.

Your precious possessions will be transported with care, but one of the most critical components in that process is getting the packing right. Choose from a selection of high quality packing products to ensure that everything will be safe and secure.

tea-chest Tea-chest boxes (Large Box – 431 x 406 x 596mm)
$4.80 (incl GST)
book-wine Book & wine boxes (Small Box – 406 x 298 x 431mm)
$3.60 (incl GST)
bubblewrap Bubble Wrap (100m x 50mm)
$45 (incl GST)
tape Packing Tape (Per Roll)
$2.80 (incl GST)

We make moving more affordable and easier.

We accept all major credit cards. You can either pick-up packing materials in West Footscray (Melbourne), or delivery can be arranged to your house for a nominal fee. NOTE: we can waive the fee depending on your order quantity and the distance for delivery.

If you get it delivered, we can then provide you with a free quote for our removalist services while we’re there. Call Dan directly on 0427 755 105 or email us to set it up – we’re here to help you with moving, furniture removal or any other removalist services you need without breaking the bank!