Moving House Tips to Make Moving Easier

Make sure you’ve got All the Right Moves with our moving day tips.

  • Pack an overnight bag with your essentials. Grab a suitcase or overnight bag and put all your essentials in there and keep it in your car. This means on your first night you’ll have all your essential bits and pieces close at hand.
  • Preparation is the pathway to an easier move. The more organised you are the easier, cheaper and less stressful your moving day will be.
  • Access is the key! If you don’t have a driveway try to park your car right outside your residence the night before to save the space, so the removalist truck can get nice and close which will end up saving you time and money.
  • Box everything up. Use medium and large sized boxes. Don’t go too small, as it just takes up time with taping, carrying, unpacking and so on. However don’t pack the boxes too heavy – they could break when your removalist tries to move them.
  • Don’t get lost in the detail: As you empty old drawers it’s all too easy to get stuck into sorting out all the little bits and bobs. Remember time is of the essence, grab a box and label for sorting at a later phase when you can do so in a calm space.
  • Organise boxes towards the front of the house: Either in the front hallway or in a front room. This means that movers can come right in and start loading up without having to walk through every room of the house to find your boxes.
  • Lend a hand. The more help the merrier! As we work on an hourly rate, the more you help the cheaper your bill will be.
  • Label your boxes! E.g. “Kitchen” or “Home Office”. This will ensure your removalists know where to place your goods in your new home and so you can find the things you need easily.
  • Don’t water your plants at least three days prior to moving as they will be too heavy and take more time to move.
  • Empty heavy drawers. Tallboys, dressers, and the like with multiple drawers can become too heavy for your removalists to lift. Once you’ve emptied the contents, tape the drawers so they don’t fall out when being carried and then get broken. However, test a bit of tape first to see if it will react with the finish. Alternatively, wrap paper around the drawers first then tape them.
  • Be careful when lifting! Wait until the removalists get there before you lift something too heavy – we don’t want you to injure yourself. Our removalists are specially trained in techniques used for heavy lifting that are vital to keeping a good strong back. If you absolutely must lift things before we get there then make sure you bend down low to the ground and keep your back absolutely straight, tense your stomach and back muscles and then use your leg muscles to lift most of the weight.
  • Make your bed up first! When you arrive at your new home, make setting up the bedroom a priority so that when it’s time to drop from exhaustion on moving day you’ll have a place to rest.
  • Try to relax. Moving is stressful but most people that move do it for a good reason, so concentrate on the positives!

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