5 Bathroom Transformation Tips

Turning over the pages of glossy magazines with photos of gorgeous bathroom wares with impeccable style and organization is bound to give any housewives those goose bumps akin to seeing a pair of stylish shoes on display. How much of these photos are just meant to take us to flights of fantasy or are any of those decors achievable in reality? The truth is so many of these images we come across in magazines have been digitally manipulated, but on the positive side it may be done so to inspire homeowner to do something about their shabby bathrooms.


So, taking the inspiration let’s use these 5 easy tips on bathroom transformation.

Tip #1 – Remodel

Stay within your budget and get to remodeling your bathroom by looking at suitable design you want to achieve. Remodeling may involve various tasks of either removing or installing few elements here and there. Being mindful of impact of the change may be effective in managing those changes. For example, you may want to replace the titles on the countertop with granite. Although this may be incur some expense but it will surely give it that classical look, and additionally prove to be more durable in the long run.

Tip #2 – Color

Before deciding on the color of the bathroom, make sure you choose wisely, keeping in mind the decor and the mood you want to eventually attain. If you don’t trust your instinct, consult a designer before deciding on a color. Don’t forget the rest of the house and the various colors that you’ve chosen for those areas. Your bathroom should enhance if not add to the overall aesthetics.

Tip #3 – Beautify

You don’t have to have expensive items to beautify your bathroom. Based on your taste, place few items to add some elegance. At the same time, keep in mind that a bathroom is also a functional place. Any item you pick has to be useful besides just adding style. A multipurpose cabinet with mirrors, or few pieces of assorted mirrors on the wall with a basket for toiletries could both serve the same purpose. A hint of color and design in the bathroom mat could also add a pinch of glamour.

Tip #4 – Light

If color adds the pop to a bathroom, and then lights add life. Light doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy bulbs with sophisticated dimmers. Light can also be added by creating a window with blinds or glass blocks that guard your privacy but at the same time they bring in some natural light. Consider the areas in your bathroom where light would be required. Accordingly, install lights in areas such as shower, sink and vanity area. To have a spa like effect install dimmers which you can manipulate to have that dim effect for quiet, relaxing time in the tub. Safety should be a priority. Hence, all lightning work should be first thoroughly inspected and approved by a certified electrician and plumber.

Tip #5 – Improvise

When you think of design, don’t just think of expensive items. Some recycled, reused and renewed items can become interesting pieces in beautifying and remolding a bathroom. Consider designing your own bathroom accessories like adding shells around your mirror to give it that ocean-like look. Color the wooden cabinet that has been sitting around in your garage and transform it into storage area for towels and other toiletries. Bring in your scented candles and aroma sticks and place them close to the tub for some relaxing bath evenings.


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