5 Ideas on How to Add Longevity to Home Appliances

Everything we purchase is always in the process of decay, a thought that will keep us grounded and keep our desires in check. However, it’s not a bad idea to add life span to few of our daily essential appliances. With better life expectancy these gadgets perform better thus adding value to its usage and purchase.


Here are 5 great tips on adding few more years to home appliances.

Idea #1. Check chords

Yanking electrical cords may seems a norm in every busy household. These types of repeated pull can cause damage to the entire appliance. For example, when the power cord of a computer is frequently pulled out some hardware may be damaged. Sometimes the plug suffer damage exposing it to the risk of electric shocks. A small coil can cause big damages. Hence, always be careful when you pull out cords. Inspect the cords and fix damages. Replace damaged chords and always coil the chords when not in use.

Idea #2.Clean up

Cleanliness add life and quality to appliances. For refrigerator, the condensers chords at the back must be dust free or else the overall efficiency of the refrigerator can be lowered. Gunk accumulates discreetly in blenders, ovens and microwaves immediately creating a germ pool. Unclean stoves can block the happlianceseat plates, blocking ignition. Clean appliances not only longevity but overall health.

Idea #3. Repair

Any broken appliance in the house calls for an immediate attention. Sometimes a repair technician can fix the problem which could be at an affordable price. However, sometimes repairing a part of the appliance may cost as close to buying a brand new one. So depending on the severity of the problem, a wise decision would be to first estimate the cost of repair or use the warranty card if it’s still valid. Consider your options and make your decision.

Idea #4. Save Power

Saving power has a direct effect on life span of any appliance. Saving power not only saves money but makes one a conscious consumer of power in an age of depleting fossil fuel sources. It is always wise to look at power consumption information on appliances. Appliances that are a number of years may consume more power. In such cases it may be worth upgrading to a new appliance that consumes less power.

Idea #5. Follow Instructions

While using electrical appliances it is important to follow some basic instructions. Most instruction manuals have guidelines on cleaning and care of these appliances. The sole purpose of having a user manual is to give user a manual on handling, caring and safety of product for future reference. Instead of throwing away the user’s manual, save it for a rainy day. 


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