The 3 As of Avoiding Internet Scams


1. Acquire Information

Before you reveal your personal information to anyone on the internet, it is good to acquire adequate information on the website or service provider you are dealing with. It is typical for scammers to pretend to be your friend, acquaintance, government officers, reputed service providers, or even charities. It is difficult to spot an imposter if you haven’t done enough background check. Most of the time imposters appear on social media with fake identity or even stolen identities. Most of the time it becomes challenging to press legal charges against such perpetrators.

Therefore, it is important to run background checks on anyone you are dealing with on the internet.

2. Activate Prior Knowledge

Most of social media feeds are inundated with news of deception and fraud that are conducted through the internet. Along with it, there’s the trend of fake news that mislead readers. While dealing with business propositions and offers online, it is good to activate prior knowledge you’ve gathered on potential threats, dangers and scams that could take place over the internet.

If any offer or any email looks too good to be true, be aware it could be a scam!

3. Alarm Everyone

If you ever find out about a scam online either on social media or a website, make sure you report it to the internet service provider or report to the concerned companies. In addition, as a civic responsibility, warn people about the scam. Scammers are sophisticated and skilled at deception so create an awareness about it through social media posting, emails, blogs and any other online tools which could be instrumental in alarming everyone.

If you know of a scam, tell other you that everyone can avoid it.

Finally, be aware of your online activities. Educate yourself on the latest schemes and techniques used by scammers today and protect your online financial and personal details.


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