5 Bedroom Maintenance Tips

That one room in your house where you return to at the end of the day or even in the middle of a busy day just to find some solace and peace if the bedroom. Often bedrooms are the only place where we are truly ourselves, or rather unapologetically willing to reveal our true selves. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is big or small; it is a place that needs to be maintained as it is your safe haven.

Here are 5 simple tips on maintaining your bedroom which will definitely add more worth and value to your lifestyle.

Tip #1. Maintain Cleanliness

Since bedroom’s prime function is to offer restoration and revival, it needs to be clean and tidy. The first step will be to make cleaning a part of your weekly or daily routine. Instead of doing one big cleaning, try chunking out the cleaning task without wearing yourself out. Make it a habit to pick up strewn items from the floor every day, clean and dust the closet on any evening when you are free and leave the heavy duty cleaning on a weekend. Make cleaning a part of your lifestyle and see the difference as time progresses. Peace and solace will make home in a clean room.

Tip #2. Maintain Mattress

Many things are invisible to our naked eye like dust mites and bacteria that inhibit our mattresses. We may clean our sheets regularly but we must maintain our mattresses as well for our overall well being. The traditional method of airing the mattress should be accompanied by vacuuming, removing stains and deodorizing to remove allergen, molds and dust mites.

Tip #3. Maintain Closet

Closet maintenance doesn’t only meaning organizing the closet and keeping it clutter free. Cleaning the closet should be a top priority to avoid dust and dirt from accumulating. Occasional use of mothballs may save your sweaters and silks from bearing holes. In addition, be willing to part with clothes and accessories you may not be using at all.

Tip #4. Maintain Clutter

Strewn clothes on the floors, books and magazines jumbled up, accessories and toys scattered around all contribute to clutter in the bedroom. The most essential step towards maintaining clutter is to make tidiness a habit. Get bins, trays and boxes to store and place items that are habitually out of place. Maintain a time in your monthly calendar to go through items that could be donated. Let go of your pilling and shoving habit and adopt habits of sorting and organizing. Establish clear rules in your family about maintain clutter free bedrooms.

Tip #5. Maintain Peace

Your bedroom should give your positive and peaceful vibe all the time. Include colors and items in your bedroom décor that emit peace and tranquility to you. Make your bed cozy by eliminating electronic gadgets and TV remote out of your reach. You don’t want to be constantly distracted by beeps and notifications on your phone. Although décor helps in bringing peace and tranquility in the bedroom, it is the attitude and emotion that you bring to the bedroom that determines the environment. Leave all negativity, stress and anxiety when you enter you bedroom. Remember that your bedroom offers you peaceful sleep which is essential to your well being. Be intentional in maintain inward and outward peace when you make your way to your bedroom.


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