Top 5 Mistakes Not to Be Made on the Day of Your Move

Moving day can be daunting and many things can go wrong, but make sure you don’t make these 5 mistakes on your moving day!

moving1. Label the boxes

Boxes should be properly labeled while packing. It is very tempting to add labels and reorganize boxes during a last minute frenzy. When boxes are not labeled, it becomes very confusing when movers load and unload boxes during the move. When labeling boxes is done on the day of the move, there are high chances of items being misplaced and broken because they simply lacked labels with instructions. Therefore, labels should be added before the day of the move with instructions about the content and the location of where they should be placed after the move.

2. Unpack boxes

While rushing on the day of the move, one is bound to unpack boxes to either pull out items or shove more items in the box. Unpacking boxes which have been formerly organized only results in clutter. Remember movers need to take a visual inspection of the area before they start moving boxes. Unpacking boxes along with items that are packed creates unnecessary obstacles for movers. Be mindful of time and cost before you start unpacking boxes in last minute.

3. Disassemble furniture

Household items that require dissembling should be disassembled before the day of the move. Doing it yourself, on the day of the move may require expertise which may pose many challenges. Disassembling furniture on the day of the move may result in certain furniture pieces breaking or falling and causing damage around the room. Small screws and fasteners may get lost while disassembling in a hurry. Such incidents can add to your moving dilemma.

4. Create a moving inventory

A moving inventory checklist should be created prior to the day of the move itself. Creating a last minute moving inventory can not only be challenging, but also risky since many unguarded items will be left either in the room you’ve vacated or in the driveway area where movers have to load them in trucks. Creating a checklist right at the start would help in tracking belongings and make the move less stressful.

5. Reserve last minute parking

Don’t leave moving day logistic to last minute. As a customer, it is your responsibility to prepare best circumstance for loading and unloading for movers. Don’t leave this vital part of organizing parking for moving trucks to last minute. If you try to secure parking space for moving truck on the day of move, it will result in sheer waste of time and money. Some spaces may require you to seek permission through your landlord, neighbours, local police and authorities. Don’t forget that it is your role to secure parking for moving trucks and make arrangements ahead of time.

Moving with a professional movers like All The Right Removalist can be seamless if you avoid making the top 5 mistakes stated above. To enjoy the exemplary service of professional movers, try doing your part as well.