3 Homemade Alternatives to Supermarket Items

A weekly trip to the grocery store is on every homemaker’s to-do-list. Shelves inundated with varieties of items often lead shoppers to choice dilemmas. As if that wasn’t enough, shoppers often get consumed into half priced products that results in impulsive shopping. Cartloads of items are purchased routinely, most of the time in a hurry from a list every homemaker considers a top priority: the shopping list.


Nevertheless, what most shoppers don’t realise is that some items in the shopping cart could easily be replaced by homemade substitutes. Most of the commercial products we buy are not only costly, but they also have dubious ingredients contained behind the fancy packaging. Some of the ready made products like cleaners, beauty products, and food items can easily be prepared at home with just few basic ingredients.

Here are 3 homemade alternatives you should consider next time you’re in the supermarket:

1. Cleaners – Most of the household cleaners are highly toxic when inhaled or ingested. You can eliminate such health hazards with a few safe and simple ingredients such as soap, vinegar and baking soda. An all-purpose cleaner can easily be made with vinegar, baking soda, and essential oil. When these ingredients are mixed with some water in a spray glass, it can be used on any surface and wiped with cloth to remove stains and dust.

Homemade drain cleaner can also be made effortlessly by simply sprinkling ¼ of baking soda followed by pouring ¼ vinegar. The bubbling mixture can be left on the surface we want to clean for an hour. Boiling water can then be poured to rinse the clog. Household cleaning needs can be easily taken care of by using these simple ingredients with low impact on health and wellbeing. Recipes for homemade cleaners can be researched online and created to replace bathroom cleaners, scouring powders, dish washers, detergents and polishes.

2. Beauty products – Exclusive beauty products on the shelves of supermarkets entice women and men, promising to provide flawless skin. Most of the commercial beauty products and cosmetics have chemicals which may also have adverse side effects. Thankfully, some of these products have natural alternatives that are less expensive and safe to use. A closer look at your kitchen cabinet may provide most of the ingredients necessary to create handmade beauty essentials such lip balms, moisturizers, and face masks. Simple ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, sugar, beewax, honey, citrus, and herbs can be easily used in most recipes.

Lip balm can be made by melting some beewax, shea butter, coconut oil in a small container. The melted liquid can be poured into an empty lip balm tube. A hint of essential oil can be added for flavor. After it has cooled, it can be applied as a lip balm. Facial scrubs can be made with natural products such as cucumber, sugar, olive oil, and fresh mint. All ingredients can be blended into a puree and it can be directly applied as a scrub. To add moisture and brightness to face, a simple face mask of mashed papaya and orange can give better results than any commercial face masks.

3. Baked Goods – When it comes to buying baked good, glossy, attractive images on the packaging of commercially sold baked goods are misleading. Most of the baked goods on the counter have added preservatives, chemical additives, and are often stale by the time they are purchased. Homemade bakery goods are healthy and require less ingredients to make as opposed to their commercial counterparts.

Budget and time can be stretched out by mindfully considering alternatives to supermarket bought items.


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