3 Eco Friendly Packaging Materials Ideas

Packaging materials while organizing a move always involves consuming materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, rolls of duct tape, bubbles wraps, and the list can go on. For those conscious about the environment, the thought of waste generated from these packaging materials can be reprehensible.


However, packing and moving can be accomplished in an environment friendly manner by taking three simple measures.

Idea #1. Be creative with old clothes

Bubbles wraps and styrofoam are the most obvious packaging materials that are sought after during a move. However, these materials are highly toxic and pose a threat to our environment and health. In addition, these materials are also expensive.

To cut cost and save the environment don’t hesitate to opt for old clothes while packing fragile items in boxes. Old clothes such as scarves, woolen materials and even cotton clothes provide protection and cushion in the boxes. Old clothes can also be rolled up and placed between gaps in boxes to protect items from being shuffled during the move.

Idea #2. Recycle old boxes and duffle bags

The most logical step often during a move is to buy cardboard boxes for packing and storage. Although cardboard is compostable, unpacking these boxes will often result in heaps of waste. Disposing these cardboard boxes can be a hassle and they may eventually land up in dumpsters.

Alternatives can always be found in recycling plastic boxes and duffle bags instead of cardboard boxes. For instance, plastic boxes can be recycled after unpacking by utilizing them as storage boxes. Duffle bags can serve as storage containers where non-fragile items such as books, clothes, shoes and other miscellaneous items can be stored during a move. From storage to moving, both plastic boxes and duffle bags could be a versatile alternative to cardboard boxes!

Idea #3. Recycle newspapers and magazines

Another packaging material that often adds to the cost of a move are bubble wraps. Bubble wraps have dominated themselves as traditional packaging material that provide safety and security of items during transportation. However, if you want to cut down on the post-move waste, you can choose newspapers and magazines. Both newspapers and magazines can be rolled up, balled up or shredded into pieces while warped, cushioning and packing items in boxes and duffle bags.

Green moving practices don’t require great skills. Simple mindfulness of the environment and conscious effort to look for eco-friendly solutions for packaging materials during a move can itself be commendable.


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