What Not to Do During an Emergency Pack and Move

Life brings unexpected challenges, sometimes in the form of an unplanned move. Since it’s something you were not anticipating, it will surely take a toll on your mind and body. Your mind will get flooded with emotions of excitement and stress and your body may be sore and tired.

There are many things you should do during a situation like this. But there are also many things you should not do during an emergency like this.


Here are 5 things not to do during an emergency pack and move:

  1. Don’t waste time – If there is one thing you need to be mindful of during an emergency move, that would be time. Every ticking second needs to be used purposefully. You may find yourself wasting your precious time by trying to do too many things at the same time or doing very little by pondering on what to do next. The best solution to that would be to create a timeline by prioritizing and setting deadlines. This will help you maintain focus and calm.
  2. Don’t throw in everything – If you are planning on moving and packing by yourself, your most natural response will be to pack everything in a box. You may find yourself throwing everything randomly and filling boxes to their brim. Try sorting out your items first and throw away or giveaway any items you are ready to part with. Use bubbles wraps to wrap fragile items. Recycling shoes boxes and other cardboard boxes is not a bad idea, but keep in mind they may collapse and break apart during the move. Therefore, use good hardware boxes, packing tapes and markers to identify the boxes.
  3. Don’t make quick decisions – Maintaining calm and clarity is pivotal to a successful move. It will be natural to get excited and anxious during an emergency move. Some important decisions involving cost, choice and method of move will have to be made on a short notice. However, these decisions don’t need to be made rashly. Get advice from as many sources as you can before you make any decision. Quick and rash decisions can bear a brunt on your finance, time, and peace of mind.
  4. Don’t clutter – It’s not just the household items that can be in a clutter during an emergency move. Unsettled lease, bank account, transportation, and mobile services can all add up to an utter clutter. This mess can be totally avoided if you sort out the fundamentals issues before your moving date. Make a checklist of all the important things to do before hand. Follow up with each item on that list. This way you will be able to adapt yourself to any challenges that may pop up in the last minute; you will thus also maintain order without stretching yourself to madness.
  5. Don’t do it alone – Your initial reaction during an emergency move may be to do it all by yourself. This is a great attitude, but remember this will be a herculean task. Count on your relatives and reliable friends to help you out. Consider hiring professional movers like All The Right Moves Removalists who provide an excellent moving experience in the Melbourne area.

Every step of your move requires effort and time. Consider these factors and don’t hesitate to ask for help.


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