How to Care for Your Wooden Furniture Items

Besides pearl and diamonds, wooden items need preservation to serve as antiques of value and worth. The life of wooden items can be extended with some care and attention by following some routine maintenance.


Here are 3 easy tips on caring for your wooden furniture items:

Tip 1 – Sunscreen

You may need to use some sunscreen for your wooden furniture and items in your room. This doesn’t mean you are going to literally apply some sunscreen lotion on your furniture but you will definitely be using the same scheme in protecting them from the harmful UV rays. You can draw curtains and blinds during the day to block out the sun since the strong rays cause some disastrous results like cracking, fading and causes overall mellowness to the piece.

If the sun can’t be avoided, then try covering the wooden item or furniture with a cloth during the day. Remember, the beauty of a wooden piece is its sheer natural sheen which often gets tarnished under sunlight.

Tip 2 – Wax

The best way to bring back luster to wooden furniture is to apply a coat of wax every six months. Avoid polishes with silicon because it can penetrate into areas and form a thick film which may be difficult to remove while restoring the furniture. Make sure you dust off the furniture first and use only microfiber cloth to apply it on the furniture by rubbing it in circular motion.

Leave the wax out in a well-ventilated place to dry. After the wax has dried use a cloth to buff the waxed piece of furniture. Once you see the sheen, your task is complete.

Tip 3 – Wipe

As simple as it may sound, wiping dust and keeping dust down is the best way to preserve wooden furniture and items. Airborne debris tend to stick themselves on wooden pieces of furniture and create a film over time. Although dust seems minute and invisible to the naked eye, these tiny particles have the potential to scratch the wooden surface significantly over time.

Treat your wooden furniture with a little attention because that could actually save your family heirloom.


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