10 Great Ways to Use a Rubber Band

Do you need a quick fix for a mundane household problem?

rubber band

Here are 10 great ways to use a rubber band in the kitchen or around the house:

  1. A Fastener – Rubber bands make excellent fasteners when they are fastened at the tip of a screw to make it easier for the screwdriver to work its way more efficiently.
  2. A Holder – You can’t put a sliced apple back to whole but you can certainly hold it together with a rubber band to prevent the slices from turning brown. Similarly, you can use rubber bands to hold items that require storage in a box or for packaging.
  3. A Handle – Has anyone had a candle stand or a leg of a rack wobbly? Then try tying a rubber band to the wobbly part and see it stand tall and straight.
  4. A Gatherer – Spoons, straws, plastic bags and napkins have the tendency to scatter around the house. Gather them together and tie them up in their respective groups with a rubber band.
  5. A Lock- Rubber bands can come handy as locks if and when you are in a situation where you’re in an airport and you need to lock your handbag. All you need to do it slide the rubber band between the zipper of the bag and tighten it. This could work as a great makeshift lock.
  6. A Tightener – Lose lids and caps on bottles and jars often need additional tightening. Take a few rubber bands and wrap them around the rim of the jar and twist. This will not only tighten the lid but also secure moisture inside the jar.
  7. A Securer – Cabinet door handles can be secured with a rubber band when you have no time to replace damaged cabinet latches and handles. You can use the same trick to secure your credit cards and other ID cards to your wallet or cash to keep them together.
  8. A Marker – When the oil in a dark bottle gets low, rubber bands can act as an excellent marker. The rubber band marker can be pulled lower as the oil gets low indicating you to refill it.
  9. A Controller – Any unruly wire, thread, balls of yarn can easily be controlled by taming them with a rubber band.
  10. A Sealer –A leaky pipe or a faucet can be treated without the help of a plumber by simply wrapping rubber bands around the leaks. This can serve as a temporary seal.

We hope these 10 tips on how to efficiently use a rubber band will make your day more productive.


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