5 Marks of Good Removalists

How can you tell if a removalists company is a good one?

removalistsCheck out these 5 marks a good removalists:

Mark #1: Good Reputation

A good reputation cannot be bought but it has to be earned. A good company usually gains positive reputation simply through word-of-mouth. Recommended companies by friends and relatives usually have earned good credentials due to their professionalism and good service. To validate the reputation of good removalists, check their websites for testimonials of their customers. Satisfied customers will convince and vouch for their reputation. For example, All the Right Removalists have great customer reviews for removalists on their website.

Mark #2: Good Pre and Post Mover Service

A good mover always ensures they provide professional cleaning service before the move and they also provide cleaning service after you move to your new abode. These services take away a lot of stress and time when you could be doing it yourself. When a mover offers a pre and post service like these, it makes the move smoother and stress free.

Mark #3: Good Packing

A good moving company has the experience on packing up an entire house. They first make an assessment on the items and make a plan on packing and loading with their team. They pack items according to what best fits the box and what best suites the organization of items. They may need help with labeling and sorting out boxes. Their packing equipment can range from bubble wraps, cartons, foams, tissues, heavy duty tapes, labels to special equipments for loading. Once packed the representatives of the company inspects and make sure the packing has met the desired standards. They may even repack certain boxes if they see the need to do so.

Mark #4: Good Price

The cost of a moving company is without a doubt determined by their reviews, professionalism, experience and service as well. In addition, the distance of the move also determines the price. A good mover always has these factors included when they quote their price. A good price will always be an accurate price estimate based on the general knowledge of market price. If a mover has a fixed rate for hourly based service, it should include the cost of gasoline, labor, distance, charge per weight or cubic foot and packaging as well. A good price would be justifiable and reasonable based on the local market rate.

Mark #5: Good Customer Service

A major hallmark of a professional mover is its service to customers which often manifests in stars accompanying good reviews on their websites. Good moving companies leave an impression on the customer for their efficiency and cordiality. Good movers are accommodating, methodical and sympathetic. They are willing to listen to instructions, calm the customer and take advice as well. Above all, they should work as a team and offer a smooth move. With proficiency and care a reputed moving company will always strive to live up to its reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.


All The Right Moves Removalists Services:

We’re experts at what we do, and our furniture removalists offer a range of services including:

  • Office Moving – move your business quickly and efficiently with a minimum of downtime.
  • Furniture – leave the heavy lifting to us!
  • Packing & Unpacking – you’ll be packed and unpacked so fast you’ll feel right at home in no time.
  • Post-Move Cleaning – after all that moving it’s great to let someone else clean up!
  • Moving & Packing Products – all the packing products you’ll need from boxes to bubble wrap.
  • Moving House Tips – to make your life easier.