How to Settle Down After a Move

As it is often said, life is a journey and not a destination. We are constantly moving and settling down at the same time. If the word “moving” connotes stress, then the word “settling” should connote relaxation since it involves the idea of unpacking. Taking things out of the box, arranging the closet, organizing the kitchen cabinets don’t indicate that one has settled down after a move. There may be a lingering feeling of being unsettled and out of place. This is can be reasoned as a “not being at home yet” kind of feeling.

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But here are 5 tips that can ease the feeling and quicken the process of settling down.

Tip 1 – Neighborhood Orientation

Remember that the first step to settling down is arranging your own orientation program to help yourself navigate the new environment. First agenda on your orientation program should be getting the lay of the land. Find out where the supermarket, laundromat, hospitals, libraries, recreational centers, schools, park and restaurants are located. Use applications like Yelp to find the best places to eat and hangout.

Walking would be the best way to get the feel of the neighborhood. Instead of relying on your phone to give you information, try chatting with people you meet on the road and ask them for directions. You will value those small interactions someday when you look back.

Tip 2 – Revive an Old Hobby

One of the easiest tricks of meeting people in a new place is to go to places of interest where you could have the chance of meeting people with similar interest. Explore the neighborhood to find venues where people gather for yoga, a book club, badminton or even church prayer meetings. Trying online platforms like is a very helpful way of discovering groups of interests meeting up in your area.

If you don’t like getting affiliated to a single group, then there is always the option of getting involved in the local community service and local organizations where you could volunteer in any project.

Tip 3 – Attend Neighborhood Events

Step out of the house and explore what activities and events are taking place around you. You are bound to come across some event that could be taking place in your neighborhood. Attend the garage sale or the block party. Show up with your family and let them mingle around and make friends as well.

Get involved in planning and organizer future events with your neighbors. Soon you will realize that all old faces in your circle where once new. So, get out and explore the possibilities of making new friends.

Tip 4 – Potluck Parties

Instead of throwing a lavish dinner party, invite your neighbors for a potluck party where each guest brings a dish to the table. It is a great way to collaborate with your neighbors on the menu. Grab the opportunity to play the perfect host by organizing fun icebreaker activities and include the children as well. Your goal is not just for you to make friends but also to ensure your children make new friends.

Take photos and post them on your social media page and tag your new neighbors. This will be the best way to stay connected with them.

Tip 5 – Don’t Stay Isolated

The truth is that you will not be out and about in the first few days of your move. Every new place has its own ways of doing things. You may not easily find a routine of things to do. However, this should not isolate you in your loneliness. Whether you are single or with a family, isolating yourself in a new place can actually impede your chances of getting settled.

Try engaging yourself and your family into activities that can continue to strengthen family bonds. Don’t let the pressure of socializing stop you from enjoying what you do already.

Some journeys are easier, whereas others are more challenging. No matter what the journey may be, make sure you enjoy every part of it. Settling down may be easy as well as challenging depending on the given circumstances. Hope these tips come handy on your journey of settling down after a move.