Four Facts to Know About the Mover You Are Hiring

When you want a hassle-free move, you are usually thinking of hiring reputed movers which offer the best services for your move. There are so many companies offering moving services that deciding on one company to trust with your move can be daunting, especially when every other company seems to be making claims of offering a great service.

There are four essential facts to know about the mover you are hiring, so continue reading and make your decision accordingly!

Know Your Mover

1. Know the type of mover

Not all movers offer the same type of moving services. Know the type of move you will be making. This will determine the type of mover you will require! Essentially, there are various types which could range from long distance move to interstate move. You could also be making a local move where the man power and the distance of the cost could differ from a long distance move. Your move could also be looking for a full service move where everything from packing, loading and delivery will be done by the moving company. The cost of this type of move could be fairly high compared to self-service move where movers would also be responsible for loading and delivery. You may also be requiring a small move where you could be moving from one apartment to another. In such a case, just a single mover with a truck would be the best option.

2. Know the ranking

The rankings of a moving company would definitely be a valuable information to know before deciding on a moving company. At the click of a mouse, you can quickly have a glance at online reviews and complaints from customers. Compare rankings and reviews of moving companies before you decide on picking a company for your move.

3. Know the cost

When you know the estimated cost to hire a mover, you will be able to make better decisions for your move. Once you know different types of moving cost, you will be able to determine your budget. The moving fee you are paying will also mean that you are paying for professionalism and best service. For some moves, you could be charged an hourly rate for the mover’s services. If you get a price estimate way higher than what you can afford, then you know what kind of movers you need to stay away from.

4. Know the scammers

Many disreputable companies are lurking to scam people by offering misleading services. From holding your belongings as hostages to fraudulent credit card activities. Fraudulent moving companies show some red flags that shouldn’t be overlooked: read the printed contracts with great attention to understand accurate estimates of costs and guarantees of delivery. In addition, a quick review of the company at a reputed online directory could be a great way to spot scammers.

I hope these four tips will help you make the best choice for a mover. If you live in the Melbourne area, consider using All the Right Moves Removalists, the bets family-run moving company in the area.