How to Ensure Security in Your Neighborhood

Feeling secure in any given environment is one of the most basic human needs. Out of all the three types of securities: financial, emotional and physical, the need for physical security seems to threaten our existence more than ever. Our social media feeds are often inundated with alarming news of crime, burglary, terror attacks, abduction, abuse, molestation and numerous other heinous acts. However, there are many ways to build a neighborhood where every child, teen and adult feels secure crime.


Here are 5 tips on ensuring security in your neighborhood which you can share with your family, neighbors and community members.

Tip 1 – Form a neighborhood watch program

The best way to solve challenging security issues in a neighborhood is to form a neighborhood watch program. The first step towards initiating a program like this is to make sure everyone understands the importance the program. Arrange a meeting at a community gathering place, like a community center or a community clubhouse, to discuss pertinent issues related to neighborhood safety. Assign tasks to participants who are keen on being a part of the program.

Some could take the responsibility of conducting surveys around the neighborhood to sign petitions in support of creating a neighborhood watch program. Someone else could be in charge of presenting this petition to the neighborhood board to get their approval. A few other members could contact the local law enforcement and request them to give a demonstration or training on running a neighborhood watch program.

Tip 2 – Invest in a Home Security System

In this day and age of technological advancement, investing in a home security system involves investing in equipments beyond locks and alarms. Homeowners can have many options to choose from. Some items could be affordable and some could cost several thousands of dollars. One such product is an indoor and outdoor monitoring system which allows homeowners to view what goes inside and outside of their homes through cameras.

In case of a burglary, the system has the feature to inform you in your smartphone app. Another innovative product is an emergency notification necklace which could be very useful for elderly and disabled individuals who live alone. In case of an emergency, the person has to simply push the button on his or her necklace which notifies someone competent to help them for immediate assistance.

Tip3 – Incorporate Security Devices in the neighborhood

One of the simplest ways of reducing crime in the neighborhood is to add more lights in dimly lit areas. Offenders often take advantage of poorly lit areas to commit crimes in areas such as parking lots, children’s playground, street corners and other parts of residential neighborhoods.

Along with the streetlights another positive investment would be to install CCTV cameras around the neighborhood. Surveillance cameras can be monitored from a control room by a security officer. Offenders can be quickly detected and arrested and at the same time if there is ever a victim, assistance can also be quickly provided. Most importantly, the fear of crime will be reduced among the residents.

Tip 4 – Train teenagers for community safety action

Teenagers in the community are a storehouse of talent and energy. The best means of raising security awareness in a neighborhood is to get the youth to volunteer in spreading the word. Train the teens to care for their community, respect the elderly and show concern for everyone’s safety. Let them brainstorm ideas that could improve the security around the neighborhood. Lead them on identifying security problems in the neighborhood and encourage them to suggest solutions.

A weekly training could be organized for teens where a mentor could be assigned to lead groups in discussions and activities. Above all, guide them to becoming role models for younger children. This will not only help in community vigilance, but also prevent teenagers from getting involved in criminal activities themselves.

Tip 5 – Stay alert

Despite all the security measure taken, the most pivotal part of ensuring security is to stay alert. If you notice any suspicious activities in the neighborhood, do not hesitate to inform the authorities. Take note of unfamiliar faces that signal danger. If you have newly moved to a neighborhood, take time to know all the neighbors.

Keep the doors and windows locked when you are away or asleep. Watch out for the safety of others as well. Spot dangerous signals that you witness happening to others around you in any shape or form. Some common instance you may witness could be in the form of sexual harassment, molestation, mugging or even verbal abuse. When you watch out for these hazards for others, you are likely to be more careful regarding your own safety.

A safe neighborhood is enjoyable when everyone is safe. Although neighborhood safety is a team effort, remember it starts with you first.

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