3 Best Travel Apps to Use in 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged by this generation that using smartphones without apps is like trying to  breath without oxygen. Although this statement is hyperbolic, the truth is that apps have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Travel apps have become a must-have while traveling these days. From looking up information on accommodations, to restaurants and maps, some of these apps even have safety features that could save your life.


Here are 3 best travel apps you could consider downloading on your smartphones before your travels.

1. Waze

If you are ever caught in traffic and you needed accurate traffic information then Waze is what you need. The best deal in using Waze is that the user is not required to have an account to use it. You are also encouraged to contribute to the Waze community by adding your share of traffic information. When you are behind the wheel while you are traveling on an unfamiliar route, Waze could be the best option for your exploration.

Just by downloading the application itself, you are showing other travellers the traffic flow from your end. The traffic information from your phone can be uploaded while your car is moving by simply using the voice command update. Besides outsmarting traffic by getting to your destination on time, you can also contribute to the overall community of traffic management by simply using the application.

2. Foodspotting

Travels are always about food and drinks. “Where shall we eat”, is a question that creates dilemmas during travels. When you get to the restaurant, the bigger dilemma is what to order. Foodspotting identifies your location and shows restaurants spotted around you with photos. Download the application and browse through photos of food that looks appealing, check it in the map, find the restaurant and enjoy your meal. All you need to do is tap on the photo and see who spotted  the restaurant and read the comments. This gives you an idea of the restaurant and the culinary experience it offers. When you see a photo of a dish you like, you can either click it as a dish you want to try, name it if it’s a dish you have tried, or click “great shot” or “great find” to rate the person who uploaded the photo.

After you’ve eaten, you can either take a photo of the dish you spotted or choose from the gallery in the application. Foodspotting is just the right app to have on your phone when you are traveling, and you want to include food celebration as a part of your trip. Use foodspotting and discover a new adventure on your journey.

3. ICE Contact

Unexpected circumstances are inevitable while one is traveling. Emergencies can arise in infinite shapes and forms. Personal safety therefore is a top priority while traveling. ICE Contact is a free personal safety application that delivers messages to friends and family in case of emergencies. With the ICE application, users can lock their phones and only ICE contacts can be accessed by anyone attending or trying to access emergencies contacts.

Two types of emergency messages can be sent from this application: instant or delayed. Instant messages just need a tap and all your contacts on ICE receive your location and your message of help. Instant message has features such as pre-composed messages that you can create beforehand. The messages will be delivered through app notification, emails and text messages. Delayed messages on the other hand are messages you can compose and schedule ahead of time in case you are going on trekking, hiking, or some activity which may involve being out of range. You can inform your ICE contacts ahead of time in case you need help. With the help of GPS tracking feature, you can track your entire travel with maps of your locations. You can them chose the time and date when you want this message to be delivered.

Besides just sending an SOS message, this application also has great features of emergency services information, health care providers, and even if the phone is on silent, emergency calls and messages are activated in the ringer.


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